Access control via Smartphone linked to the QHSE and administrative documentation

The most economical and simple solution to control that only suitable workers and machines access your projects while controlling their working days and hours.

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A free app downloadable on Google Play and Apple Store, which allows any smartphone to identify workers and machines entering a project, and return their aptness status based on the status of their QHSE and administrative documentation in real time while marking their hours of entry and/or exit for a subsequent control of their days and hours worked.

It is also possible to use the app in audit mode in case it is not possible to control access to the project.

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How does it work

By scanning some identification cards with an unforgeable QR code that the subcontractors themselves can print to their workers and machines, you will know the documentary status in real time, and the detail of their inputs and outputs, subsequently obtaining exportable reports to Excel automatically.

In addition, you will be able to check the details of the workers and machines on your smartphone and have a presence control of who is in the project at any time.

What benefits do you get

Only apt workers on your project.

You will know their documentary aptitude in real time at the key moments of entry, exit or when you audit.

Automatic control sheets and lists, exportable in multiple reports to Excel.

Let your Smartphone do the work by connecting to the cloud and filling in the access data for further processing.

Real-time presence listings.

Know who is present in your project in real time and improve your security.

Also works offline

In the event of internet connection outages, or work in areas without coverage, the data is saved and transferred to the next connection.

Correct management of visits and suppliers.

It is also possible to deliver visitor or supplier cards to people who do not need to have correct CAE documentation.

No physical ID cards if you wish

Workers can carry their printed ID cards but also on their mobile phone if they download our App for workers.

Only apt machinery in your project.

You will know their documentary aptitude in real time at the key moments of entry, exit or audits.

Unforgeable QR and photograph of the worker in the access ID cards.

Avoid impersonations to the maximum by using the QR code accompanied by the worker's photograph.

Simple control for days / half days or high precision time control.

You pay only for the hours actually worked and control possible superfluous costs.

Compatibility between smartphones, lathes, readers and any control device.

Complement access control with any other of our access control devices.