Controllers of QHSE & Administrative documentation

Professionals who will ensure that your project is protected from the risks posed by inadequate access to resources, as well as helping your subcontractors with their QHSE & Administrative documentation.

Who are the controllers?

Nalanda professionals to whom you can subcontract, and who will ensure that all the QHSE & Administrative documentation is correct when a worker or a machine accesses your project.

Their training will allow them to solve for you any problem that may arise in the access of your subcontractors in constant collaboration with our expert documentalists.

How does it work

Located in the project, supported by the Nalanda Document Management platform, as well as some of our access control systems and in constant collaboration with the project staff, they will guarantee that only resources that do not pose documentary risks are allowed to pass.

In critical cases, they will clear the way to documentary unsuitable resources with prior authorization from those responsible for the project, always leaving a trace of such cases.

What benefits do you get

Only apt workers on your project.

Our controllers will verify that the workers who access the project are documentary suitable, managing blacklists if necessary reducing your risks.

Preparation of lists and control sheets of days in Excel for subsequent management.

Our controllers will see to it that you receive the necessary reports for a correct subsequent management of the project, solving any incident that may arise.

Real-time presence listings.

Know who is present in your project in real time and improve your security.

Correct management of visits and suppliers.

It is also possible to deliver visitor or supplier cards to people who do not need to have correct CAE documentation.

Only apt machinery in your project.

Our controllers will verify that the machines that access the project are documentary apt, managing blacklists if necessary, reducing your risks.

Monitoring of possible impersonations.

Our controllers collate the photographs of people's access cards and those of the document management platform, and request additional documentation in case of suspicion of impersonation.

Resolution of documentary incidents at the moment.

When a worker or machine must provide a document to be approved at the entrance of the project, the controller will ensure that it is validated on the spot.

Help for your subcontractors.

Our controllers will support your subcontractors on an ongoing basis so that they know what documents to submit and how to do it correctly.