Corporate responsability

Since its inception, Nalanda strives to generate value and social wealth in the areas where it operates, always worrying about the positive impact of its actions and being aware of its responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.

Throughout our history, Nalanda has shown that it knows how to act ethically, sustainably and with a vocation for a caring company.

Starting in 2015, a strong international expansion and diversification of business areas began, always trying to align the values that are in the mission of the company and its strategic approach with the coherence of the activities it develops.

Nalanda strives to generate value and social wealth in the areas where it operates

The quality of the services provided, the high technological content of the developed platforms, the satisfaction of its customers, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement are the lines that mark its performance.

Our Commitments

  • Always work respecting human rights, the environment, labour rights and anti-corruption laws
  • Respect, maintain and disseminate the commitments acquired with all our stakeholders so that customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders continue to trust in our company, always based on honesty and transparency of information
  • Take care of our environment and environment by applying the criterion of sustainability in all our processes
  • Promote equal opportunities, control in matters of prevention and occupational risks and family-work-life balance, as fundamental pillars for the well-being of the entire workforce
  • Involve, sensitize, and train employees about the need for responsible behaviour
  • Promote actions that provide social benefits for our employees
  • Encourage activities that involve healthy habits such as sports, culture and leisure


Nalanda, has adopted a commitment to respect the environment that ensures the prevention of pollution and the minimization of impact

Social action

  • Media: we guarantee the veracity and transparency of the information transmitted to the media.

Interest groups


  • Employees: committed to equal opportunities, people, and their professional development.
  • clients: we fulfil commitments acquired allowing us to count on the loyalty of our clients.
  • Suppliers: we decide with ethical, social labour and environmental criteria. We are in constant communication with our suppliers.
  • communities: respect for diversity and cultural differences, integrating people in the organization and respecting the environment.
  • Partners: to be our collaborator or partner, Human, Social, Labour and Environmental Rights must be respected.
  • Investors and Financial Institutions: we report relevant facts and financial statements in a transparent manner.
  • Shareholders: closeness, loyalty and commitment of shareholders with Nalanda Global, which helps us to create sustainable value.
  • Media: we guarantee the veracity and transparency of the information transmitted to the media.


The company is committed to a socially responsible action, in compliance with the Law of the towns where it operates and, in particular, assumes the responsibility of respecting cultural diversity and the customs and principles in force among the people and communities affected by its activities.

The projects that Nalanda undertakes always mean growth for society in the area where it is carried out, either economically or in the social part, seeking the common welfare and the trend towards greater equality of conditions for the inhabitants, as well as the creation of wealth and shared value.

Each of our projects therefore involves a follow-up that helps us to reduce the environmental impact in both urban and rural areas. Respect for the environment is one of the maxims of Nalanda Global, being today, without a doubt, a value settled and integrated into the company in all its areas.

the common welfare and the tendency to a greater equality of conditions of the inhabitants

Quality - Security - Environment

Nalanda has an Integrated Management System, developed from the Quality, Information Security and Environment Management Policy, approved by the General Director and whose principles are the following

Quality and Information Security

To this end, Nalanda carries out its professional activity through a Management Policy based on the UNE EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE EN-ISO 27001: 2013 standards, the principles of which are:

  • It is a priority task to implement and maintain an Information Quality and Security Management System appropriate to its characteristics, which ensures the conformity of the services provided with the requirements of the Clients, the Interested Parties, the Risks inherent to the Business and with the Legal and Regulatory that are specified in each case, using as guide what is established in the Norms UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 certified by a competent body.
  • The staff of the company is the main asset with which it has to achieve the objectives, assessing that its capacity, training and dedication are essential to implement, develop and maintain the Quality Management System and Information Security.
  • Only through the obtaining and the continuous improvement of the Quality, the application of the assurance of the System and the implication of the Direction in the fulfilment of the requirements of the Client, it is possible to reach the full satisfaction of the same.
  • The identification and knowledge of the key processes is the necessary way to advance in the orientation of the Organization towards these processes.
  • The Directorate is responsible for establishing these principles, setting the objectives to be achieved in terms of Quality and Information Security and guaranteeing the necessary resources to achieve them.
  • The Information Quality and Security Management System is established to materialize the Quality and Information Security Policy and the means to achieve the Objectives, based on effective organization and methodologies, leaving documentary evidence of all this for knowledge of all.
  • The System will be subject to continuous review by external consultants and auditors and by the Management in order to verify both its effectiveness and the degree of compliance with the proposed objectives.
  • This Policy is integrated into the General Policy of the Company.


Nalanda has adopted a commitment to respect the environment that ensures the prevention of pollution and the minimization of impact by committing to:

  • Carry out in a new activity or process and from its beginning, a previous study that allows to evaluate its impact on the environment.
  • Examine any significant effect on the environment from the environmental aspects derived from the activities of Nalanda Global.
  • Adopt the necessary measures in order to prevent and eliminate any contamination or any accidental emission in the natural environment.
  • Adopt the necessary measures to minimize, assess and recycle waste, insofar as possible, ensuring adequate management when there are no other alternatives.
  • Adopt the necessary measures for the saving of raw material including, when possible, reuse.
  • Adopt the necessary measures for saving energy and water.

All this will be carried out, within a framework of continuous improvement through:

  • Setting Objectives and Environmental Goals.
  • Application of the technical, human and economic means necessary to achieve the objectives set.
  • Evaluation of the degree of compliance with them.

Anyone interested in knowing the environmental performance of our organization, please send a request via email to the following:

General personal data protection act and its regulation

Personal Data Protection Act

Nalanda Global has been adapted in accordance with the provisions of the new LOPD + RGPD, implementing all the necessary measures regarding the obligations established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016 , relative to the Protection of Personal Data.