Peace of mind in your supply and subcontracting services

Join as a supplier to the intelligent cloud of services of the Nalanda Community, optimize the relationship with your customers by integrating yourself into their processes and obtaining new opportunities

What is Nalanda

Nalanda is a Spanish multinational that brings together large companies and their suppliers around a digital platform where they exchange documentation, purchases, invoices and business information.

Its different services help you to integrate into the processes of your clients’ supply chain, reducing their risks and improving the service you offer them, while giving your company a proven image of reliability and reliability before other potential clients that use our smart cloud, thus increasing your future business opportunities.

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Document Management

Secure your charges and access by presenting the appropriate documentation

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Suppliers Qualification

Comply with the homologation & compliance requirements of your clients

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Electronic Invoicing

Issue your invoices electronically, improve your relationship with clients and comply with the legislation

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Suppliers Directory

Get new opportunities by offering your best image to thousands of buyers

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Works information

Get to know the latest works and be the first to offer your products and services

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Time control

Control hours, vacations and absences of your employees and comply with the legislation

Benefits for suppliers

Our services. Always oriented to connect your business intelligence with that of your clients at key moments

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Reduce risks

All paperwork always controlled and up to date so that you are never refused a payment, access or invoice

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Save time

Connecting through the cloud with your suppliers and standardizing the relationship with your customers.

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Reduce costs and paper

Everything online, without mountains of papers and emails almost impossible to classify, update and follow.

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Improve governance

We help you comply with your own and other people’s regulations and improve your image with your clients

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Find opportunities

Show your reliability and reliability to thousands of projects and offer yourself in various business communities

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Motivate your teams

Free your teams of paperwork and bureaucracies to focus on what they can do best.

We are a reference in our sector

We are the leading global company, we have built one of the largest communities of contractors, suppliers and subcontractors in the world. Our large clients, our extensive sales force, and our technological capacity allow us to offer great muscles and knowledge when implementing our services in multiple sectors.

We show you our year-on-year figures.

Active projects
Managed workers
Managed machinery and equipments

Get to know us better

Because not all sectors or laws are the same, we segment our large community by sectors and countries

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nalanda sectors map for suppliers