About Nalanda

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Nalanda means, literally translated, the place conferred by the lotus (this plant represents purity in Buddhist symbology).

Nalanda is also the place where one of the most famous Buddhist schools was located and the birthplace of one of the first universities. The writings of monks and students were so copious that they had to create one of the first known document management systems.

From the concepts of tranquility, purity and respect for the nature of Buddhism, and intelligence applied to document management, our brand is inspired.

Nalanda is the world's largest digital community of large companies and their suppliers.

Nalanda, is a SAS (Software as a Service) company founded in Spain, and is one of the first portals that relates to contractors and subcontractors, and currently the largest digital community of contractors and suppliers in history. It was founded at the beginning of this millennium with Spanish Capital, and the development of its platform has been built from scratch, becoming one of the international B2B portals with more companies in the world.

Our vision

Sharing knowledge and information between companies that collaborate in supply and subcontracting chains through an intelligent cloud

Nalanda is a Spanish multinational founded in 2000 to materialize a vision that for the first time, new technologies could make possible: to bring together large companies and their suppliers around a digital platform where they exchange documentation, purchases, invoices and business information.

Its different services are created to reduce time, costs and risks for companies and to contribute to achieving a more transparent inter-company relationship through an intelligent cloud that connects all parties easily, transparently and efficiently.

Nalanda was born from the hand of the largest Spanish construction business groups that operate internationally in various sectors where the services provided by the company are necessary: ​​construction, promotion, energy, urban services, concessions, industry, logistics, mining, telecommunications , etc.

Thanks to Nalanda’s strong technological component and the know-how of its shareholders, the company has managed to differentiate itself with a business model based on the largest business community in the world, which enjoys its Document Management, Suppliers Qualification & Compliance, Electronic Invoiving, and Access and Time Control services, structuring said community around a Directory of Companies that shares all the common knowledge and intelligence of its members and that has been extended to other large sectors.

Our mission

Create an adequate environment to generate trust relationships between companies.

Nalanda is founded by professional internet pioneers with the mission of creating an environment of trust and tranquility between large companies and their suppliers that helps them reduce costs, time and risks and fosters a fairer, more ethical and responsible business environment. .

Our values

Ethics, transparency, justice, solidarity and respect for the environment are the values that move us.

Nalanda is inspired by these values and applies them to the problems raised by his collaborators, putting in place optimal solutions to these problems that are consistent to make the business world a better world. With this, we return part of our success to society and complement it with solidarity actions that give visibility to the importance of working in a healthy and safe environment.