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Health and Safety Software

With this Health and Safety software, make possible the digital transformation for the Health and Safety of your company, take control and save time and errors. Dedicate yourself to what you do best: reduce incidents.

A collaborative environment that will allow you to shine preventive management in your company, free yourself from excels and paperwork, and involve everyone from anywhere and from any device.

PRL management software developed by 6Conecta, a Nalanda Group company. 


What is Occupational Risk Prevention Software

Our Occupational Risk Prevention Software is a set of modules interconnected to an intelligent cloud, which allows you to control your company’s Health and Safety policies effectively.

It is the tool that allows your entire company to participate in preventive management at all levels, from management to the last employee.

It helps you comply with current regulations and ISO 45001 without headaches, bureaucracy, and allows you to focus on what is most important in preventive work, making a more agile follow-up and measuring its impact.

Acceso a través de tablet o smartphone

How our Health and Safety Software works

It is a very simple to use occupational risk prevention program. The users of your company can use any device connected to the Internet, and use a series of interrelated modules that share information and provide solutions to various day-to-day needs of the preventive management of your company. They do so with different roles and degrees of access. Managers know the key indicators to help them decide. Preventionists carry out high-value preventive work. Employees are informed, trained and participate.

With our occupational risk prevention software, the preventive culture of your company develops and strengthens every day.

how our unique methodology works in nalanda



  • Your preventive activity automatically generates a calendar with upcoming expirations, expected dates, delays, actions, etc.

Continuous Improvement

  • Follow-up of non-conformities, corrective actions, risk notifications
  • Promotion of continuous improvement and definition of action plans compatible with your Health and Safety management system.

Health and Safety Employees

  • Compliance Management.
  • Linking the position with the risk profile.
  • Automation of information tasks, training, PPE and medical examinations.

Health and Safety Intranet

  • Enable your employees access to a modern preventive portal.
  • Improve participation rates.
  • With integrated electronic signature to avoid printing papers.


  • Unique and centralized.
  • Create tasks, assign people in charge, control execution times, include costs, etc.
  • The entire management system generates tasks centrally, whether from an evaluation, an inspection or an incident.


  • Take full advantage of your inspections, observations or periodic controls in the field.
  • Digitize preventive activities with your own process by designing your own checklists.
  • Take photos and create tasks with different managers on site.

Risk Assessments

  • Use different methodologies as needed (Binary, Fine, MMC FPSICO, Telecommuting, RD1215, Noise, Ergonomics, etc.)
  • Start with your own model evaluations or with your history so as not to start from scratch.
  • Automatically generates job tokens.

Accidents and Incidents

  • Compatible with your accident and incident investigation model.
  • Different methods of cause analysis: 5 whys, cause-effect…
  • Sending of flash communications and/or investigation report.
how our unique methodology works in nalanda

Fundamental indicators


  • Business Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Visualize your preventive strategy with your own indicators and KPIs.
  • Analysis and reports in real time of everything.
  • Share information with your team, HR, Financial, HSE Global, Management…




  • Business Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Visualize your preventive strategy with your own indicators and KPIs.
  • Analysis and reports in real time of everything.
  • Share information with your team, HR, Financial, HSE Global, Management…
how our unique methodology works in nalanda

Any device

apple y android

With your Health and Safety App, your Health and Safety department:

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Enjoy full mobility

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Make decisions quickly

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Complies with regulations

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Integrate prevention

Everything in your Health and Safety App

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  • All your mobility procedures.
  • All the tasks of your management system with filters, access to files and photos.
  • Even your dashboards.
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  • Employee compliance.
  • Advanced electronic signature.
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  • Your preventive activities online.
  • On-site operations: checklists, photos, attachments, generate tasks.
  • Collect the signature of the participants.
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  • Investigation of accidents on the ground. Build flowcharts with levels of responsibility, include photos and annexes, create tasks with measures.

Benefits of Health and Safety Software

Save time and mistakes so you can focus on what's really important

Dedicate more time to prevention by freeing yourself from bureaucracy, paperwork and outdated excels.

Collaborate with everyone in an intelligent cloud and go from so much mail

From anywhere, with any device, collaborate with other technicians and employees of your company to bring your plan to fruition.

No physical cards if you wish

Full mobility for greater agility

Fully adapted to any mobile device, our Health and Safety software allows you to work, inform and decide on the spot.

Create a real impact on the Health and Safety of your company

Create a real impact on the Health and Safety of your company

Make your work shine and give it the visibility it deserves

Track all preventive work in your company, and give directors and employees visibility through simple dashboards in real time.

360º solution, created and updated by preventionists

6conecta, a Nalanda Group company and led by prevention experts, develops and keeps the software up to date, aligning it with your needs, legislation and regulations.

Why our Health and Safety Software is the most useful

4 electronic signature solutions

It is an occupational risk prevention program that delivers, acknowledges receipt and collects signed documents and waivers of information, training and PPE with full legal validity.

Do the same with your own documentation, configuring your own templates: appointments of preventive resources, emergency teams, etc.

Firma electrónica desde el móvil


Simple electronic signature

You just need employees to have access to our employee portal module.

signature pad

Advanced electronic signature (eIDAS Compliance)

Specific signature peripheral is required (compatible with Topaz but also integrable with other brands). The document is consulted and signed on the platform.


Advanced electronic signature (eIDAS Compliance)

Only necessary e-mail of the signatory to sign from any own device. Use our system or we integrate yours.


Advanced electronic signature (eIDAS Compliance)

An authorized manager collects the signatures through our App on a Smartphone/Tablet in an agile, simple and mobile way.

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Spend much less management time

Collecting acknowledgment of receipt of a job posting or PPE involves a large amount of time and operations that involve everyone. With our electronic signature, you will delegate and collect signatures with a few clicks in record time.

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Centralize processes

Launch all the signature requests from our platform and collect the signed documents, organized and accessible to whoever is needed from anywhere at any time.

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Reduces costs significantly

Forget about preparing forms, getting them filled out, the trickle of collecting signatures, scanning and archiving on paper or scattered and decentralized folders. Time is money that you can spend on higher value tasks.

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Guarantees legal validity

It integrates simple or advanced electronic signature solutions, so that, depending on the solution you choose, you comply with the EU eiDAS Regulation or the USA e-Sign.

Technology, integrations and adaptations

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Connect the essentials with your corporate ERP

Synchronize the data of your employees, positions, centers, and contracts between your ERP and our Health and Safety software.

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Digitize your documents and find anything

Using OCR text recognition technology, keep your document archive in order and perform powerful searches and queries.

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Custom developments and reports

Ask us what you need and we take care of getting it for you.

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Customize everything with your corporate image

Use your custom subdomain, your corporate colors and logos.

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Control user access via SSO

Using SSO (Single Sign On) technology, you can control all user access to our Health and Safety platform, from your environment (eg Azure AD): access and credentials.

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Connection with your CAE

Unify the information of your Health and Safety Software with that of your CAE Document Management.

Health and Safety Software FAQ

Because they help you guarantee your safety and that of your workers quickly and easily, preventing accidents at work, serious injuries or long-term illnesses.

The price of Health and Safety software varies depending on the sophistication of the software, as well as the user interface. Therefore, the best thing in these cases is always to contact the company, since they surely have tools that adapt to your company’s budget, as is the case with Nalanda.

  1. It helps you save time and mistakes
  2. Get a positive impact on the safety and health of your company
  3. Centralize everything important in a single cloud platform
  4. Gives you full mobility
  5. It has constant updates and 360º solutions that allow you to always be updated and receive the best services.

Find out how we can help you

Your peace of mind, our inspiration

Nalanda is integrated with Konvergia, which allows you to connect your documentation and that of your collaborators with other CAE platforms automatically and unattended.


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