Peace of mind in your supply and subcontracting chains

Join the Nalanda Community’s intelligent cloud services as a contractor free of charge, and optimize the relationship with your suppliers throughout the phases of your supply and subcontracting chain

What is Nalanda

Nalanda is a Spanish multinational that brings together large companies and their suppliers around a digital platform where they exchange documentation, purchases, invoices and business information.
It is specialized in coordinating business activities between contractors and it’s suppliers and subcontractors. Its different services reduce costs, times and risks and help you achieve a more transparent business relationship through an intelligent cloud that connects everyone easily

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Document Management

QHSE and administrative document management linked to Access/Presence Control

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Suppliers Qualification

Make sure who you work with. Find out if it is reliable and solvent and respects the law

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Electronic Invoicing

Issue, receive and manage your invoices, forget about paper, and comply with the legislation

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Suppliers Directory

Find providers of documentary proven reliability and solvency

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Purchasing Platform

Launch your RFQ/RFIs and receive offers and variants in an automatic comparison table

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Control hours, vacations and absences of your employees and comply with the legislation

Benefits for buyers

In short, breathe easy.

Our platform helps to successfully and safely complete the supply and subcontracting processes of our client contractors.

At the same time, we take care of suppliers, providing them with new opportunities, reinforcing their trust with their clients and maximizing their visibility with thousands of potential clients.

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Reduce risks

With an adequate selection and monitoring of your suppliers that allows you to work with the most reliable.

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Reduce times

Connecting through the cloud with your providers and standardizing the relationship with them.

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Reduce costs and paper

Everything online, without mountains of papers and emails almost impossible to classify, update and follow.

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Improve governance

Facilitating your suppliers to comply with their own regulations and those of others.

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Find opportunities

The information provided by the providers allows you to choose among the best

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Motivate your teams

Free your teams of paperwork and bureaucracies to focus on what they can do best.

We are a reference in our sector

We are the leading global company, we have built one of the largest communities of contractors, suppliers and subcontractors in the world. Our large clients, our extensive sales force, and our technological capacity allow us to offer great muscles and knowledge when implementing our services in multiple sectors.

We show you our year-on-year figures.

Managed workers
Managed machinery and equipments

Get to know us better

Because not all sectors or laws are the same, we segment our large community by sectors and countries

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we segment our large community by sectors and countries