Legal warning

This document establishes the General Contracting Conditions for the services between NALANDA GLOBAL, S.A., with N.I.F. A82692617, with registered office at Calle Proción, 7- Edificio América II Portal 4, 2° I, 28023, Madrid, entity registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in volume 15270, book 8, folio 86, page M-255781] (hereinafter , «NALANDA»), and the natural or legal person requesting said services (hereinafter, «CLIENT»), according to the identification of the parties that appears in the Particular Conditions.

The conditions established in this document govern the contractual relationship between NALANDA and a CLIENT, together with the specific conditions agreed in the Particular Conditions, the responsibilities established in the Privacy Policy and any other agreements reached between NALANDA and the CLIENT.

However, the clause “Terms of use of the Web Platform” of this document may be applied directly to any visitor who accesses the Web Platform, as well as to the personnel that the CLIENT designates as a user of the Web Platform. Similarly, the stipulations of this document that refer to the User and / or the visitor may also be applied directly to them.

In the absence of other specific terms or conditions, these General Conditions will also apply to the technological tools, applications and devices made available by NALANDA for the provision of complementary services to the main service offered through the Web Platform.

Without prejudice to the terms specified below, the relationship between NALANDA and the CLIENT will be governed by the observance of current regulations on data protection, provision of information society services, subcontracting laws, prevention of occupational risks and the law on the prevention of money laundering. Without being exhaustive:

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data and by which Directive 95/46 / EC is repealed.
  • Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights.
  • Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce.
  • Law 10/2010, of April 28, on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • Law 32/2006, of October 18, regulating subcontracting in the Construction Sector.
  • Law 31/1995, of November 8, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • Law 54/2003, of December 12, reforming the regulatory framework for Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Royal Decree 171/2004, of January 30, which develops article 24 of Law 31/1995, of November 8, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, regarding the coordination of business activities.

An internal study has been carried out of the points where the aforementioned laws converge and procedures have been defined to guarantee orderly and rigorous compliance with all of them. 

  1. Obligations of NALANDA
  2. NALANDA will provide the CLIENT with a Web Platform for the fulfilment of the contracted services, maintaining an adequate level of service, in accordance with the industry standards.
  3. NALANDA will ensure the security of the data entered by the CLIENT on the Web Platform.
  • NALANDA will ensure compliance with all current legislation.
  1. CLIENT’S obligations
  2. Satisfy the corresponding annual economic consideration for each contracted service, among those provided by NALANDA through the Web Platform, in accordance with the rates and Particular Conditions established in the adhesion contract.
  3. Guarantee the veracity, accuracy and non-manipulation of the documents provided and data entered or sent to present in NALANDA and carry out as many updates as necessary, confirming that the documentation and data are correct and adequate.
  • Guarantee that the incorporation of personal data that is the client’s responsibility, processed by NALANDA on behalf of the latter as the person in charge of treatment, has been carried out in accordance with current legislation and the conditions of the treatment order, obtaining the appropriate authorizations from natural persons, in case it was necessary.
  1. Safeguard the “username” and “password”, of a strictly personal and non-transferable nature, provided by NALANDA to the CLIENT, with diligence, preventing access by third parties or unauthorized persons, ensuring confidentiality, as well as that of any other credentials provided. Nalanda reserves the right to unsubscribe any user who does not belong to the company directly and does not have the domain of the client company as an email extension, as well as initiate legal action in case of non-compliance with this obligation of personal use and Exclusive for company workers and transfer to third parties is not permitted.
  2. Make good use and promote the good use, among the Users designated by the CLIENT, of the services provided by NALANDA through the Web Platform that it makes available and of the technological tools provided, in accordance with the law, good faith and the terms set forth in the clause (“Terms of use of the Web Platform”), which the CLIENT declares to know and accept.
  3. Not to cause damages, damages or deterioration on the software, tools and / or contents that constitute the base of the Web Platform, and not to impede its normal operation.

NALANDA reserves the right to take legal action against fraudulent actions.

  1. Terms of use of the Web Platform

3.1. Applicability of this clause and definitions

  • The mere access to the Web Platform grants whoever performs it the condition of “visitor”. Therefore, we will refer to a visitor as the one who accesses and browses through the URLs made available by NALANDA, whether or not they are CLIENT and / or User. The visitor will be able to access and use those functionalities that are not restricted to CLIENT and / or User.
  • The Web Platform has restricted content, tools and utilities, access to which is limited to Users designated by clients active in Nalanda’s services, after completing the contracting process for them. The “active CUSTOMER” will be the customer who is up to date with his payment obligations with NALANDA.
  • In general, any person who holds the status of active CLIENT and / or User has the possibility of accessing the content and functionalities made available to them by NALANDA, through the Web Platform, this being a Platform designed for use by part of the active CLIENT of NALANDA and the users that they create and designate. Therefore, the “User” is the person designated by the client who has access credentials to carry out the operations available through NALANDA.

3.2. Access to the Web Platform

  • Simple access and navigation by the visitor of the Web Platform implies the express and unreserved acceptance, by the visitor, of the terms set forth in this clause, as well as the CLIENT and the User designated by the CLIENT in the terms that they were applicable.
  • The visitor, CLIENT or User, declares that he has read, knows and understands this clause, and assumes all the obligations that apply to him according to his specific condition, as a visitor, CLIENT or User of the Web Platform.
  • This clause will have an indefinite period of validity, as long as it is not modified. The access, use and navigation that the visitor, CLIENT or User makes after the entry into force of the possible changes or modifications, will imply the acceptance of the same by the person who accesses.
  • In addition, in the absence of other specific terms of use, this clause will govern the conditions of access and use of mobile applications and specific technological tools that are offered in a complementary way to the services managed through the Web Platform.

3.3. License to use the Web Platform granted to Users and CLIENTS

  • NALANDA grants the active CLIENT, and the Users who create a license to access and use the Web Platform, limited exclusively to the use of the functionalities contracted or offered through the technological platform that it makes available, in accordance with these General Conditions and Particular Conditions.
  • Said license is granted in favor of the CLIENT and the Users on a non-exclusive, temporary, universal nature (without any geographical limitation) and in a non-sublicensable manner (except in those cases in which the sublicense in favor of a third party becomes necessary for the development of the contractual relationship between the CLIENT and NALANDA), with the sole purpose of enabling the development of the functionalities for which the Web Platform has been conceived.
  • The aforementioned license does not imply, in any case, that the User acquires any right of ownership or ownership over the Web Platform, its contents or its utilities.
  • With the exception of the uses allowed by the license regulated in this section, it is expressly prohibited for the visitors, the CLIENT and the Users of the Web Platform to carry out any act of reproduction, distribution, public communication or other forms of making provision, transformation and, in general, any form of exploitation of all or part of the contents that make up the Web Platform or which the user accesses from the Web Platform, unless authorized by their legitimate owners, expressly and granted in writing or in cases authorized by law.

3.4. Responsibility of the CLIENT in the use of the Web Platform as data controller

  • The CLIENT, and the User designated by the CLIENT, who has access to the NALANDA Web Platform is obliged to use the Web Platform, the tools offered in it and the functionalities offered through it, in accordance with current legislation and regulations, good faith, public order and generally accepted customs and practices.
  • Specifically, the CLIENT and the User who makes use of the platform and carries out the consultation, uploads and / or downloads of documents in which personal data of workers appear must ensure that they have the necessary legitimacy to carry out these operations. Said legitimacy will also be determined by the CLIENT having been associated with projects / works in a legitimate way by the corresponding contractors and their right to the visibility of the information and documentation by said contractors according to the current / signed rates
  • The CLIENT who, according to current regulations, holds the position of data controller with respect to any of the data processing that may be carried out through the Web Platform, must observe the obligations that the regulations impose on him as the data controller.
  • En estos casos, la relación de encargado y responsable de tratamiento, respectivamente, entre NALANDA y el CLIENTE, se regirá por lo dispuesto en el contrato de encargo pactado a tal efecto y, en defecto de pacto, se regirá por lo dispuesto en la cláusulas según lo dispuesto en el siguiente subapartado (i) «Responsabilidades de NALANDA como encargado del tratamiento» y (ii) «Responsabilidades del cliente como responsable del tratamiento»
  • In these cases, the relationship of manager and data controller, respectively, between NALANDA and the CLIENT, will be governed by the provisions of the commission contract agreed for this purpose and, in the absence of an agreement, will be governed by the provisions of the clauses as provided in the following subsection (i) “NALANDA’s responsibilities as data processor” and (ii) “Client’s responsibilities as data processor”

(i) Nalanda’s responsibilities as responsible for processing

NALANDA, as the person in charge of process, will carry out the processing of personal data derived from the provision of the contracted service, in accordance with the following conditions, in accordance with article 28 of the RGPD:

  • It will be limited to carrying out the actions that are necessary to provide the client with the contracted Service.
    • It will not carry out any other processing of personal data, nor will it apply or use the data for a purpose other than the provision of the contracted service.
    • It will guarantee that the persons authorized to process the client’s personal data have committed themselves, expressly and in writing, to respect confidentiality and to comply with security measures and that they have been adequately trained in data protection matters.
        • It will immediately inform the client if, in its opinion, it considers that any of the instructions transmitted by the client violates the RGPD or any other data protection provision of the Union or of the Member States.
        • Will support the client in carrying out impact assessments in terms of data protection and prior consultation, where appropriate.
        • It will make available to the client the necessary information to demonstrate compliance with its obligations, as well as allow and actively collaborate in carrying out the audits. In this sense, the client, prior notice of thirty (30) business days, if possible, may appear in person at the NALANDA facilities, in order to carry out the face-to-face controls and audits that it deems appropriate, provided that it does not exceed the limit of one on-site audit per calendar year.
        • It will implement the security measures that meet the requirements of article 32 of the RGPD, to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, availability and permanent resilience of the processing systems and services.
        • It will notify the client, without undue delay, and in any case before the maximum period of 72 hours, of the security breaches of the personal data in its charge of which it is aware.
        • Will destroy the personal data that is the responsibility of the client, once the provision of the services has ended. Without prejudice to the possibility that the client expressly requests the return of the data subject to order, before the end of the service.
        • It will assist the client in the response to the exercise of the interested parties, as well as in the notification to the client of the rights that are exercised directly before NALANDA, which will be notified within a maximum period of five business days.
  • (ii) Responsibilities of the client as responsible for processing:

The client, as data controller:
    • Will comply with current legislation on labor matters, subcontracting and coordination of business activities in the instructions given to NALANDA as a result of the provision of services.
    • It will guarantee having sufficient legitimacy to upload, download or carry out any treatment activity on documentation that contains personal data, through NALANDA’s tools.
    • Will ensure, prior to and throughout the processing, compliance with the RGPD and other regulations that may be applicable, as well as its obligations as data controller. Authorizes NALANDA to subcontract the services that are part of the Service to NALANDA Panama, Nalanda Colombia and Nalanda Chile, which hold the position of sub-processors. The international data transfers that may occur due to the services of these sub-processors are guaranteed in accordance with the standard contractual clauses of decision 2021/914/ue, of June 4, 2021. If it is necessary to subcontract any service in the future, the The supplier’s identification data will be incorporated into the list and previously communicated to the client, who may express his opposition within 10 days of notification. If there is no such opposition, the incorporation of the subcontractor as sub-processor will be understood to be authorized. In any case, Nalanda guarantees that the subprocessor is subject to the same conditions established in this clause.
    • Authorizes and entrusts Nalanda with the formalization, on behalf of the client, of the Standard Contractual Clauses with the subprocessor(s) (data importer/s), which regulate the International Data Transfers necessary for the correct Performance of the obligations established in this processing order entered into between the client and NALANDA (as data exporter).
    • Without being exhaustive, it will be the responsibility of the CLIENT to determine if, in accordance with current regulations on labor, subcontracting and coordination of business activities: (i) it has sufficient legitimacy to upload, download or carry out any treatment activity on documentation that contains personal data of its own employees or of another client with which it maintains some type of relationship; (ii) the scope of the employees, or categories of employees, on whom it is legitimate to carry out treatment operations and (iii) the temporary period during which said legitimacy is held.

3.5. Liability of third parties, advertising and / or links

  • The Web Platform may host, temporarily or permanently, links, hyperlinks or similar technologies that redirect the visitor to other pages or websites managed by third parties.
  • If there are such links, their sole purpose will be to facilitate and allow the user access to content and / or services that may be of interest which, in any case, will be managed by third parties and not by NALANDA.
  • Thus, the owners of the pages or websites of destination of the links will be solely responsible for ensuring that the content hosted on them complies with all legal requirements that apply, and the Users who access the pages or sites websites to which these links are directed will be solely responsible for the legal relationships of any kind that they establish with the third parties responsible for the destination pages or websites.
  • In the event of such legal relationships, they will be understood to have been carried out in any case between the user and the third party and, therefore, in an external environment and outside of NALANDA, the user assuming under his exclusive and sole responsibility the damages and / or losses that they could be caused as a result of the use you make of the linked pages or websites.
  • NALANDA does not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, derived from the connections that could be made through the links, or from the contents to which they direct, nor does it guarantee technical availability, legality, veracity, usefulness, quality, reliability, accuracy, correctness or morality of the content, information or services accessed through said links, as long as they are not directly managed or controlled by NALANDA.
  • The inclusion of external links and connections will not imply, in any case, unless expressly stated otherwise, the existence of an association, relationship or participation of NALANDA with the entities or third parties connected.
  1. Economic consideration and duration
  • In order to use NALANDA’s services, the client must first pay the established rate.
        NALANDA will issue an annual invoice in accordance with the conditions signed in the contract and the characteristics of your company. Failure to pay within the required terms will lead to the interruption of access to the contracted services. The rates applied are related to the number of workers and, if applicable, machines that your company has, as well as the number of clients in which your company has been assigned and therefore your documentation has been displayed. If your company has made one or more extensions of workers or machinery for administrative simplification, Nalanda reserves the right to unify your extensions or previous contracts in a single contract. You will be informed annually before your renewal of the annual fee to be paid based on the assignments or views and the approvals or connections with your clients.
        • The current official rates are published on our website, within each service and can be consulted at
        • The contract will be in force from the moment it is signed and will last for one year. The contract will be automatically extended for periods of equal duration every year, according to current rates, subject to updating as services and rates evolve.
  1. Cancellation, modification and voluntary exclusion of services

Both parties may terminate or modify this contract with the sole obligation of prior notice in writing 30 days in advance. In the event of requesting the cancellation or modification, it must be sent in writing to If the withdrawal is notified after these 30 days, prior to the renewal, the contract renewal will be automatically generated and the invoice will be issued, with the obligation of payment by the CLIENT in that renewed year and the withdrawal will take effect the following year of renewal. Let it also be known that the CLIENT may exercise their right of withdrawal, leaving the contract without effect within a period of 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the contract. To request it, you must communicate it in writing to NALANDA issues and deposits all invoices within its website, in the billing service, available to customers. NALANDA is not responsible for the consultation, reception and accounting by the CUSTOMER of the invoices, which does not exempt them from their payment commitment. NALANDA reserves the right to keep the client’s data and documentation for a period of time, in case there is a need to review this documentation or provide it in any project / work.

NALANDA will retain ownership of the source code of the web pages designed and, where appropriate, the domain, hosting and contracted services. If the client wishes to regain ownership of the domain, hosting, mail service or web page, they must pay the corresponding fee for the service he wishes to regain. If fraudulent, prohibited or contrary to good faith and good commercial uses of the sector are detected, the CLIENT or the Users designated by the CLIENT could be excluded from the Web Platform, in accordance with the provisions of the clause “Terms of use of the Web Platform ”of these General Conditions. By way of example, the following uses are explicitly prohibited:

  • Use of access codes by different people.
  • Reuse of NALANDA information in other sources or companies.
  • Manipulation of documentation.
  • Non-compliance with legal regulations (RGPD, LSSI, money laundering and prevention).

In the event that NALANDA detects or has knowledge that a CLIENT, or a User designated by the CLIENT, is carrying out a use of the Web Platform, or of the contents, tools and utilities that it makes available, which results illicit, inappropriate, fraudulent, contrary to current legislation and regulations or to these General Conditions and Particular Conditions, NALANDA reserves the right to deny access or use of the Web Platform to the / Users designated by the CLIENT as well as the possibility of cancel your CUSTOMER account.

  1. Returns
  • The CLIENT and NALANDA,in accordance with article 34 of Royal Decree 19/2018 on payment services and other urgent measures in financial matters, agree that the direct debits will not be returned after 10 days have elapsed from the settlement of the direct debit. All expenses incurred by NALANDA derived from returns of current receipts will be borne by the CLIENT. Failure to pay by the CLIENT, by any of the means of payment, will give rise to the obligation of a recovery cost from the date on which the non-payment occurs until the date on which it is fully complied with depending on the term of delay of said payment.
  1. Assigment
  • None of the contents of the Web Platform may be copied, transferred or exchanged to any other User, client or third party. The rights and obligations established in this document may not be assigned by any of the Parties. This prohibition includes any subsidiary, parent company or any other company. As an exception, the relationship or the rights / obligations derived from it may be assigned to any entity resulting from a change in CIF, for which it must communicate said change in writing.
  • In addition, NALANDA will only treat such content in accordance with the instructions established with the CLIENTS through these general conditions and for the provision of the contracted services and will not apply or use them for purposes other than those described in these General Conditions, the Particular Conditions or any another pact that had been reached.
  1. Security
  • NALANDA empleará los medios a su alcance para proveerse de los más avanzados sistemas de seguridad que protejan a sus sistemas y a los datos contenidos en los mismos contra ataques deliberados, software maligno y otras amenazas. No obstante, el CLIENTE entiende y acepta los aspectos que comporta la prestación de servicios a través de Internet dado el carácter abierto, descentralizado y mundial de la red. Por este motivo NALANDA no puede garantizar la inexpugnabilidad de sus sistemas de seguridad. Si el CLIENTE tuviera cualquier indicio de que existe una violación en la seguridad en la Plataforma Web, o de que se está produciendo un uso inapropiado o prohibido de los servicios prestados por NALANDA a través de la Plataforma Web o las herramientas puestas a disposición por NALANDA, o un fallo de seguridad de cualquier índole, deberá notificarlo fehacientemente a NALANDA de inmediato.

However, NALANDA implements the following security measures to guarantee the permanent confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of the treatment systems and services:

  • Organization chart and procedures for assigning functions.
  • Password management procedures, as well as media management.
  • Physical access controls to the facilities.
  • Making backup and backup copies.
  • Protection against computer threats.
  • Information destruction, secure development and change control protocols.
  • Procedures for managing incidents and security breaches.

On the other hand, access to the functions of the Web Platform may require the introduction of user names and passwords to protect the account against any unauthorized access attempt to it. In order to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and individuality of User records, the system will request the password, by way of identification and authentication, prior to some of the functionalities made available on the Web Platform.

The password to access the Web Platform will have a length between 10 and 30 characters, of which at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit, one special character. This password cannot contain the user name, nor appear in the list of the 30,000 commonly used passwords. Password expiration is configurable.

The CLIENT will be the only and exclusive person responsible for the custody of their access codes to the system. NALANDA will not assume any responsibility, neither direct nor indirect, regarding the custody that the CLIENT, or the User designated by the CLIENT, carries out their identification or authentication codes, of the illegitimate intrusions that may occur in the CLIENT’s accounts, nor of the uses made of said keys by a third party, with or without the consent of the CLIENT.

  1. Industrial and intellectual property
  • The CLIENT grants a license to use its brand in favor of NALANDA for its use on the Web Platform. Mentioned license is granted without exclusivity, on a universal basis for its dissemination through the Web Platform or other websites edited by NALANDA, during the duration of the contractual relationship established through these General Conditions and free of charge, without the right to any remuneration is generated in favor of the CLIENT (in its capacity as licensor).
  • On the other hand, all NALANDA software and content, including: graphic designs, “supplier coding structure”, logos, trade names, domain names, texts, animations, images, data, emails, telephones, as well as programs and functionality used are the property of Nalanda and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property laws. The USER may adapt its internal coding structure to that defined by Nalanda, with the express written authorization of Nalanda.
  • All those intangible assets (intellectual works, content, information, videos or images, trademarks or distinctive signs and, in general, any asset capable of being protected by the regulations governing industrial and intellectual property) made available to the public by the Web Platform and whose ownership does not belong to NALANDA, have been included in this site with the prior authorization of their legitimate owners and / or in compliance with current legislation and regulations.
  • The fact that the Web Platform makes assets and / or utilities protected by the regulatory norms of industrial and intellectual property available to the public will not allow understanding, in any case, that any license of exploitation is granted to the Users of the Web Platform with respect to them, either total or partial. Obtaining said license by Users will require prior, express and written authorization from the legitimate owners of the intangible asset in question.
  • The CLIENT and the User designated by the CLIENT undertake and expressly oblige to respect each and every one of the assets protected by industrial or intellectual property rights that are accessed through the Web Platform, the realization by the user of the Web Platform of any act of reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available, transformation and, in general, of any form of exploitation of intangible assets, works or content accessed through the Web Platform, except prior authorization, express and granted in writing, from the legitimate owners of the intangible asset in question. The fact of being a client is not considered as if the parties transferred any right, title or interest over any part of the intellectual / industrial property owned by them or by third parties.
  • Nalanda is exempt from any type of responsibility derived from the access of third parties to this information, provided that mentioned access is the result of deception, attack, fraudulent access or the like against Nalanda’s computer systems.
  1. Data protection of the CLIENT’s personnel
  • The personal data of the natural contact persons, administrators, legal representatives and proxies of the CLIENT and of the CLIENT’s personnel designated as User of the Web Platform, will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy.
  1. Modifications in the General Conditions, in the Web Platform and suspension of the availability of the Web Platform.
  • NALANDA reserves the right to modify the General Conditions contained in this document. These will be presumed accepted by the CLIENT, if the CLIENT does not initiate the procedures to unsubscribe from the service within thirty (30) days following the publication on the Internet.
  • NALANDA reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications, deletions or updates regarding the information made available to the public through the Web Platform, in its internal configuration or in its presentation.
  • Possible modifications may be motivated, among other reasons, by technical changes in the service provided through the Web Platform, changes in the regulations or changes in the functionalities of the Web Platform.
  • NALANDA does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability, access and continuity of operation of the Web Platform, nor does it guarantee that access to the Web Platform will not be interrupted for technical reasons, nor that the content accessed by customers or Users , nor the software that serves as the basis of the Web Platform, are permanently free of errors.
  • Likewise, NALANDA reserves the right to temporarily or definitively suspend, and without prior notice, accessibility to the Web Platform either due to maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations, or definitive suspension of availability and made available to the Web Platform, without prejudice to the service level agreements contractually reached between the CLIENT and NALANDA. In any case, 99% availability is guaranteed during business hours
  1. Notifications

For the purposes of making the appropriate notifications, NALANDA designates as contact and the registered office at Proción Street, 7- Edificio América II, 4, 2 ° I, 28023, Madrid.

On the part of the CLIENT, the person whose email address has been provided to Nalanda during the registration process on the Web Platform will be the one used by NALANDA for the purpose of notifying the CLIENT. The CLIENT is obliged to keep the email and contact person referenced in the contracting process duly updated.

  1. Responsibilities
  • The CLIENT carries out queries and operations through the Web Platform and the tools made available to the CLIENT at their own risk and expense. NALANDA is not responsible for the result of said operations and consultations carried out by any other means outside the Web Platform.
    • The CLIENT, by himself or by the Users that he creates in the Web Platform, will be solely and exclusively responsible for the use he makes of the tools made available through the Web Platform.
    • NALANDA will not assume any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, within the limits established by current regulations, regarding any damage caused to visitors, customers and users of the Web Platform that is caused or could derive from unavailability, failures of access, lack of continuity of the website, interference, interruptions or blockages of service, omissions, deficiencies or overload of telephone or Internet lines, breakdowns or disconnections of the system, as well as with respect to any damage or harm caused as a result of interference illegitimate on the Web Platform, whether in the form of malware, viruses, worms, Trojans, malicious code or any other analogous figures. All this without prejudice to the stipulations that, in this sense, contain these General Conditions, the Particular Conditions or documents of a contractual nature signed between NALANDA and the client.
        • NALANDA will not be liable for lost profits or for any other damage that the CLIENT may suffer as a result of the success or failure of the operations or queries on the Web Platform. NALANDA will not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, derived from the breach of obligations applicable to the CLIENT or to the Users. Likewise, those responsible for NALANDA are excluded from any type of responsibility, whether direct or indirect, regarding any damage or harm, caused to the User or to a third party, that is caused by the misuse, intentional or not, that the CLIENT or the User makes use of the contents, tools and utilities made available through the Web Platform, or due to non-observance of these General Conditions or Particular Conditions.
        • Likewise, NALANDA will not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, regarding any consequence, damage or harm, of any kind, that the CLIENT or the User may eventually suffer and that is originated as a consequence of the access and / or use of the information made available to the public through the Web Platform.
        • The CLIENT will be solely responsible for any claim, legal, judicial or extrajudicial action, initiated by third parties both against the CLIENT itself and against NALANDA, based on uses of the services contrary to the law and good faith.
  1. Electronic invoice
  • By virtue of the provisions of Royal Decree 25/2013, which approves the Regulation that regulates billing obligations, the authorization to Nalanda to issue the electronic invoices that the CLIENT generates on the portal is expressly recognized.
  • In the event that the CLIENT receives electronic invoices through Nalanda, their expressly authorize all providers that use the issuance of invoices through Nalanda to do so electronically and authorizes Nalanda to manage the receipt of electronic invoices sent by anyone of the Portal Users. The CLIENT acknowledges that the identification system used in the portal allows verifying the acceptance of each invoice issued and accessing and consulting the electronic invoices made.
  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • Everything stipulated in these General Conditions will be governed and interpreted by the laws and regulations applicable in Spain. The parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit them to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid for the litigious discussion of any issue that may arise.

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  • When as a subcontractor, you must send your documentation and / or those of your own subcontractors to your main contractor.
  • When as a lower level subcontractor, you must submit your documentation to your higher level subcontractor.
  • When as the main contractor, you must send your documentation and/or that of all your subcontractors to your promoter/property.
  • When as a supplier/seller/contractor, you must issue invoices to your clients / contractors / public administration electronically
  • When as a provider of goods / services you must send your documentation / information of approval and / or compliance according to the demands of your clients

When as a supplier, you want to find new works, projects and clients to sell your goods and services to.

This service is only available to buyers

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This service is only available to providers

If you are a buyer you can see the part of our website designed for you in the following button.