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Suppliers Qualification

Comply with the homologation/qualification and compliance requirements of your clients, become their approved and reliable supplier, improve your possibilities of working with them and help build a more ethical and fair business world.

What is it

It is the intelligent cloud for the Homologation of Suppliers specialized in Compliance that guarantees the internal and external regulatory compliance of companies concerned with making the world a better place.

We warn you, we safeguard you and we make sure that all the documentation that your clients require to certify you and comply with their compliance policy is correctly validated by our expert documentary experts.

How does it work

We include your company in an exclusive supplier directory. By providing the required documentation and completed questionnaires, you will get your certification of approval and compliance required by your clients, guaranteeing that you allow them to comply with their regulations regarding suppliers and safeguarding them from possible bad practices own and others.

Thus, buyers and suppliers are motivated to improve to compete in a more ethical and fair business environment.

certificado de homologación
how our unique methodology works in nalanda


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We alert you to the documentation and questionnaires that you must send and complete to become an approved supplier for the client who requests it from you.

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Our experts validate the documentation and questionnaires and notify you of any breach of your client's criteria.

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As an qualified provider, you will be able to operate with all the clients with whom you have been approved.

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Your company is qualified for any of the clients with whom you have approved for future purchases and contracts.

What documents or questionnaires we validate in order to help you present them correctly.

Parameterizable documents and criteria based on the standard of our community.

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General Data

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Reliability / solvency

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Human resources

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Compliance/human rights

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Data protection

What benefits do you get

Close your award.

Secure your award.

Comply with the homologation and compliance conditions of your client and do not miss your sale.

Offer your best image

Have a presence in new concerned markets.

Help your clients avoid the damages of unfair competition caused by acts of corruption and be a protagonist in markets that are increasingly aware of good corporate governance, ethical achievement of economic objectives, and equal opportunities.

Avoid internal and external fraud.

Participate in the policies, processes and procedures that generate greater control and clarity over the work, avoiding fraudulent cost overruns that do not benefit companies but those who perform bad practices.

Help your client and improve your relationship.

Helping your client to comply with their homologation and compliance standards will improve your relationship of trust, bringing you closer to participation in their next project.

The cheapest rate on the market, because you pay only for what you really need

Increase the reputation and competitiveness of your company.

Get an unsurpassed image by making clear the way your company works: honest, ethical, transparent, and complying with current regulations.

Get more sales opportunities

Get more sales opportunities.

Do not be left behind when a buyer is looking for, for new projects, suppliers already qualified for your company, or with similar qualification requirements for related companies or from other sectors and markets.

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