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Document Management

Make sure your documentation meets the requirements of your clients and avoid problems of access to projects and when charging, while offering thousands of potential clients your best image.

What is it

It is the leading document management platform for QHSE & Administrative documentation, that may be linked to Access Control systems.

We notify you, we safeguard you, and we make sure that all the CAE documentation that your clients require to work on their projects is correctly validated by our expert documentalists.

plataforma líder de gestion de documentos para la Coordinación de Actividades Empresarial (CAE)

How does it work

Through a unique methodology, through our certificates, we ensure that you have the correct documentation so that your workers and machines comply with preventive regulations, guaranteeing their access to projects, while complying with administrative, legal and labor regulations to ensure the payment on date for the work you have done.

Thus, you also avoid claims and improve security in your business.

Document Management
how our unique methodology works in nalanda


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We alert you about the documentation that you must upload and update for the projects you work even if it is not for any of our client contractors.

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Our experts validate your documentation and alert you if any document does not meet the criteria of your clients.

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You thus guarantee the access of your workers and machines to the projects you work on.

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Payment for your work is guaranteed by obtaining your certificate, which ensures the correct situation of your company at the time of payment and that your workers and machinery accessed to the projects as apt resourses.

What documents do we validate for you, helping you present them correctly.

The documents and validation criteria may vary depending on the parameterization of your clients based on the standard of our community.

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Of companies

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Of workers

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Of machinery

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What benefits do you get

Charge without surprises

Charge without surprises

We help you to have the administrative, legal and labor documentation in order to collect on date.

Guarantee your access to projects

Guarantee your access to projects

We help you to have the correct preventive documentation of workers/machines to access projects without delays.

Offer your best image

Offer your best image

Update your documentation and make your company appear as reliable and solvent to thousands of projects and buyers.

Comparte tu documentación

Share your documentation

One click, and you can send your documentation to any client, even if they do not belong to our community.

Connected to other CAE platforms

Connected to other Docuement Management platforms

Upload your documentation to Nalanda and it will be shared on other platforms belonging to AECER.

Better governance and real security

Better governance and real security.

Complying with the documentation ensures that your company complies with the law and improves its security.

Everything in your pocket

All in your pocket

Download our App from Google Play or Apple Store and access our CAE Document Management from your mobile



We alert you so that your documentation is always up to date and nothing ever happens to you.

Atención al cliente experta

Expert customer service

We always help you upload the correct documentation so that you can adapt to the rules of your clients.

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