Auditors controlling QHSE & Administrative documentation

Professionals who will ensure that the workers and machines that have already accessed and are working on one or more of your projects, are suitable from the documentary point of view and use the correct machinery with the correct training and with the correct PPE.

Who are the auditors?

Nalanda professionals who will attend one or more of your projects, and who will audit, during their visits, that all the QHSE & Administrative documentation of the workers and machines present is correct.

Their training will also allow them to detect anomalies such as the use of unauthorized machinery, non-accredited jobs, and incorrect PPE.

Auditores controlando la documentación CAE

How does it work

Especially useful in projects with impractical access control, our auditors will pass randomly and recurrently through your projects, and supported by the Nalanda Document Management platform, as well as in the reading of access cards via Smartphone and in constant collaboration with the project staff, they will guarantee that only documentary apt resources are working on your projects.

In cases of the presence of unauthorized resources, they will immediately notify those responsible for the project with authority so that they can decide on the pertinent actions.

Access Control
What benefits do you get
Unforgeable QR and photograph of the worker in the access cards.

Only apt workers on your project.

Our auditors significantly reduce the risk that unfit or unauthorized workers in a trade or use of machinery may work on your projects carrying out unforeseen inspection actions.

Real-time presence listings.

Delivery of presence listings in real time.

At any time, our controllers will provide complete lists of the people who are present in the project at any given time.

Only suitable machines in your project.

Only apt machinery in your project.

Our auditors significantly reduce the risk that unsuitable machinery can work on your projects with unforeseen inspection actions.

Preventionist field staff

Monitoring of possible impersonations.

Our controllers collate the photographs of people's access cards and those of the document management platform, and request additional documentation in case of suspicion of impersonation.